2in1 corn peeler thresher machine for sale save cost【video】

2 in 1 corn peeler thresher machine for sale is a combined type corn thresher machine which can peel the skins and thresh the kernel finished with only one machine,this type combined corn peeler thresher has three types including:left-combined,right-combined,up-down combined. Left-combined and right-combined corn threshing machine can only peel and

corn peeler threshermaize peeler thresher

thresh at two times with one machine,while the up-down combined can finish peeling and threshing corn at only one time(there is one at two times), of course, when you choose the multifunction corn thresher machine,we recommend you to choose one-time type,which can save your cost and labor time.because the price of one-time corn thresher for sale also has low cost performance.however if you do not want this, as a corn thresher manufacturer,we also have separated corn peeling machine and corn threshing machine for your wide choice

maize peeling and threshing corn thresher machine

features of corn peeling threshing machine

1.the corn peeler machine combines threshing and peeling,first peeling skin,then threshing kernels.
2.peeling and threshing both will not break the corn kernels.
3.because of small motor,the maize thresher machine save energy and farmers labor greatly
4.it does not need to change motors,can be driven by electric or diesel engine motor
5.the corn threshing machine has easy operation,easy movable,and small size.





 Motor Power






video of corn peeler thresher

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