gypsum granulator machine which type is best granulation rate

if you want to process gypsum powder,there are three types of gypsum granulator machine to choose,one is rotary drum granulator,the other one is pan granulator and another one is double roller granulator. these three granulator machines can process gypsum powder materials,but they have different granulation rate for gypsum materials.

rotary type granulator granulation rate for gypsum is only about 65%,pan type gypsum granulator machine granulation rate has about 80%,and roller type gypsum granulator machine has about 90% granulation rate.

round ball pellets

roller type gypsum granulator machine working principle is through two rollers pressing and squeezing the raw materials into granules.this type gypsum granulator machine belongs to dry method granulation,you do not need any drying for raw materials or finished gypsum granules.however the other two types granulator machines require moisture about 35%,you need a dryer to dry finished products.And also the roller type gypsum granulator machine has small size and occupy small place.

roller squeezing type gypsum granulator machine also can process NPK,urea,Kaso4,animal manure,straw,grass and raw materials,which is multifunction.


granulation rate≥85%≥85%≥85%
Material moisture contentMax 15%
Gramulation temperatureConstant temperature
Strength6—20N(resistance to crush force)


double roller granulator

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